Travels and the Travel essentials list

It's been a BUSY last couple of weeks for me. Last week involved lots of travelling including work and play.

I love to travel, tour new cities, stay at fabulous hotels, eat delicious food at new to me restaurants, get pampered  and take in beautiful & new surroundings. Another thing I love about traveling is to be able to be disconnected from everyone and everything for few hours to really focus on a book or just your thoughts. 
When I am forced to sit down (at the airport and plane) with nowhere to go at that given time, my mind starts to innovate new ideas & goals, it's quite wonderful and powerful. I love that part since it allows me to really focus and tune in with my thoughts and get inspired. I also love to be able to read a whole book without any interruptions and soak it all in. It's wonderful!

I am planning to travel a lot in the next coming year and I will be sure to do so in comfort and style :) Having said all that - I will be purchasing a few things to make my travels more special, comfortable and beautiful.   Creating a comfortable and stylish travel experience allows you to enjoy yourself that much more while feeling your very best- Just like staying at a luxurious hotel, that has all that you need and so much more above and beyond to ensure an amazing experience.

My current luggage needs to retire and I need to find a new baby to take it's place. It's important for it to look elegant & beautiful, be durable and easy to get around.
Here is a candidate for my new luggage set. I think it fits the bill perfectly, The design of this Gucci luggage set is fantastic! It's modern, elegant, sleek, durable,very comfortable to get around, minimal and sexy = everything I love in my designs.

Another item that I am planning to include in my traveling (and not traveling) ensemble is this great looking Michael Kors IPad case. I haven't purchased an IPad yet but plan to do so soon. I think it will be great for travel and taking care of some things while aways from my office. Also those great innovations that I mentioned earlier, well I think it will definitely help to document those :)
I love it, it's sleek, classic, and minimal- very beautiful design.

Another item on my list are these handsome black sandals. While traveling in the summer I love to have sandals on or with me. These are just so perfect. I also always have socks in my bag to get me through security or if I am cold on the plane then I can put them on; yet having my feet feel too hot is very uncomfortable.
Not only are they beautiful but also will nicely hug your newly pedicured feet without any tripping hazard. Also, they will go with so many great outfits. Love the look of these Burberry Jelly Flat sandals.

That's all for now. I will update you as I add to my list :)
Tell me, how do you like to travel? I'd love to hear your tips.