Morning Coffee

As I drank my coffee this morning I thought about how I enjoy this ritual of mine. I love to wake up and put on some pleasant music or perhaps TV with a enjoyable program to hear in the background, as I start my day. Then I make my cup of coffee and breakfast and slowly “wake up” as I flip through design magazines. Once I get my sleep and start my day on this pleasant note I am ready to rock and roll. There is something about making a morning fun and positive energy that not only puts me in a good spirit but helps me embark upon all that the day brings my way.

Sooo back to that coffee… how do you get your perfect cup of Joe? There are so many fantastic coffee machines and coffee systems that can whip up even your custom latte creation on a moment’s notice.

My favorite is still the Miele Coffee System. Not only is it fabulous and makes a fantastic coffee drink, it’s also just as beautiful on the eyes and fits in perfectly in modern interiors.
There are other brands that carry similar coffee systems that vary in capabilities and styles as well.
I would love to hear how you start your day? How do you create a positive and happy feeling to start of the week with? Do you also like to have your signature morning drink that helps you kick start the day, if so ,,what kind?

And this is how I like my coffee :) (  taken with my phone camera)- Good Morning!

Morning magazines , photo Bromeliad blog (this is sort of how my morning magazine stash looks like :)