Chelsea Clinton's Wedding location

The Chelsea Clinton's wedding has been an interest point to many of us lately. Sure we are curious as to where it will take place and what the wedding will include from food, through flowers, the dress and the like.
Here is some of the scoop on the wedding planner and the location:

The wedding is to be planned by the Boston- area planner Bryan Rafanelli. You bet it will look amazing since Bryan is known for producing some of the most incredible events.
The location for this sought after wedding will expect to take place under a tent at the Astor Courts.
Astor Courts is a 3,500 estate in Rhinebeck New York. This home is a private residence that actually belongs to some of the Clinton's family friends. If you like what you see you can put in an offer, since the house is currently on the market at Sotheby's for $12 million. Let me know if you decide to buy it as I will be happy to offer my design expertise ;-)

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The Astor Courts:

above photos by New York Times

above photos by Luxist