Selecting a Rug with Pattern or Not

Selecting the right rug for a room is pretty important. First before we go into the aesthetic & design details you could check out one of my older posts on -Rugs 101 to get more information on the construction.

When choosing the right rug first you have to ask yourself how do you want it to feel under your feet, do you want it to be plushy and very soft or do you want a more natural look and are fine with a little bit of a coarse feeling.

Another aspect to think about is -do you want the rug to give a wow factor with Pattern and Color or do you want it to set as a soft backdrop so that all other elements in the room stand out more.
I love designing with both, yet each one has a different outcome and both will not necessarily appeal to the same person - so think about it.
Usually more pattern (especially contrasting color pattern) will give the room a lot more energy and movement, where a solid rug with make it feel more monolithic and smooth.

Tell me what rugs do you love, what texture, color and pattern?

Take a look at some of these rugs beautifully used in a space with pattern and without :)

beautiful Madeleine Weinrib rug gives graphic element in a simple sleek way
photo courtesy of decorpad

Beautiful Greek key plays nicely with a solid sectional and pops of color in the pillows- perfect combo!
photo courtesy of  Zoland Interiors

One tone carpet sets a beautiful background for furnishings and details in pattern
photo courtesy of  John Nye & John Coolidge Photography

Beautiful monolithic natural rug creates a fantastic smooth layer under all furniture
photo courtesy of  Dillon Kyle Architects

subtle graphic in the rug creates a monolithic look but adds interest
photo courtesy of Christina Murphy

smooth color yet beveled texture rug adds depth yet softens the bedroom
photo courtesy of Courteney Hill

Smooth with slight tone on tone pattern almost goes away underfoot but creates luxe feeling and soft layered effect.
photo courtesy of McGill Design Group