Neutral Bedroom

Many people stay away from neutral color palettes in order not to end up with a boring end design. While I agree in many situations, if done well, a neutral room could be very beautiful, soothing, calming and really pleasing to the eye.
One space that is often a great place to utilize a well designed neutral color scheme is the bedroom. It can set a Serene mood, a  feeling of tranquility that many of us long for after a long busy day.
Here are few bedroom interiors which are perfectly neutral and harmonious through the use of whites, grays, toupes, blacks, browns, beiges and even light blues:

Gray, white, black and polished chrome details, sereene
Kelly Hoppen

Warm Grays, whites and touches of black wood
Helen Greene

Soft blues, whites & creams with details of black- serene and soothing.
by Ashley Goforth

Toupes, creams whites, blacks & polished chrome details.
Kelly Hoppen

Creams, whites, beiges in a Hotel & Spa Acqualina