Paintings, Design and Works of Damien Hirst

Is it Tuesday already, holy cow- it feels like I was just preparing for the weekend. Maybe I need to slow down a bit. Although sometimes slowing down is not possible. I still have to take care some engagements, projects, show up for meetings, apointments etc.
Sometimes the fast pace is nice for a little while since the end result is much more realized when I get to cross things off the list.
One thing that I can't seem to rush is painting or creating something amazing. I don't think I'm the only artist/designer that feels this way.  It's impossible to force creativity. Sure the creative side can be stimulated by events, travels or life happenings but if we are not creatively stimulated and our imagination is not ready to create we shouldn't force it. Sometimes the creative flow of thoughts could start as simple as putting on some good music, having a cup of tea or taking a walk and going to a store to pick up some fresh flowers.
Then again, when it comes to interior design projects it's a little different,- clients themselves inspire me, with the way they live, their life stories, their desires for their newely designed space, how they want to feel in their home etc. Painting is a bit different and when I create or see a beautiful painting (or any piece of art for that matter) I admire it for everything from it's idea through it's creative process, the effect it has on me and even how it can transform a space that it will reside in.

In my previous post I had mentioned the works of Damien Hirst some of his work I find very disturbing yet some I find very intriguing. Damien Hirst is known for challenging the boundries between science, art, media and pop culture. His work is pretty versatile yet I have included a few pieces here which appeal to me. Take a look at some of these beauties.

”Art is like medicine – it can heal. Yet I’ve always been amazed at how many people believe in medicine but don’t believe in art, without questioning either.” – Damien Hirst

Tell me, when do you feel most creative?