Home with Major fashion sense

I don't know about you, but it was a busssyy weekend for us. I was running around meanwhile some of our walls got a fresh coat of paint. The scuff marks, dings and paw scratches just don't seem to fit with our design. So now that our living room walls are back to spotless -we're golden!
Speaking of spaces, I came across this fantastic interior which is the home to Johnson Hartig who is a co-designer behind the fashion label - Libertine.
Let me just say how much I love this space for so many reasons. I love how bright and cheerful it is (of course) I love all the fabulous art that is displayed throughout the space, the marriage of classic and uber modern pieces, the white backdrop sets a perfect canvas for all these special pieces that stand out beautifully. The ceiling on the other hand, adds just the right amount of warmth and balance ... Oh and how much I love the Big Damien Hirst Spin painting-- everything is just so simple yet so exquisite!
Now,, all we need is my dogs and their muddy paw prints and this space would be complete! :)
Hope everyone had a lovely Monday!