Distance from TV to your Sofa

Before designing your favorite area where you can get cozy on the sofa and watch your favorite movie, you have to take into account the appropriate TV size for your space. The distance from where you will be sitting and where your TV will be located determines how big your TV should be. This is definitely NOT a situation for "bigger is better". I saw people make this mistake to later feel like they are in the front row of the movie theater experiencing major headaches.
I had a situation where the space was designed with a particular TV size specifications yet the client decided to change the size of TV and have a huge screen installed on a wall when I wasn't there. Sure enough when I arrived I knew this wasn't good and they realized it after trying to watch something in their new space- It just did not work.
So here are guidelines for choosing the perfect TV size for your space.

32" TV needs 7' distance from the sitting area
36" TV needs 8' distance from the sitting area
42" TV needs 10' distance from the sitting area
50" TV needs 12'distance from the sitting area

Besides the appropriate TV size for the distance, the design intent of the space should also guide the size and style of your TV.
Enjoy your movies, favorite shows and sports games in comfort & style.