Bethenny Frankel's Closet Confession video

For those of you who don't know this - I love Bethenny Frankel. I love her confidence, her modern yet timeless style, the simplicity, her energy and perseverance, sarcasm, classiness the fact that she is a health and fitness fanatic, loves animals and that she is real and honest. Take a look at this awesome video I just came across- (of course I love it!) this totally showcases all of the above fantastic qualities in a nutshell. And what does this have to do with interior design you ask,, well the fact that she is a brand, is a business woman, she has great style and knows what she wants & likes (this all leads to determining your style, interior design project, and surrounding yourself with what you love) and oh yeahh-- her closets,, take a look at the way her shoes and accessories are stored- I love it.