Decorating for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is here and many of you probably already decorated your homes to exude the holiday spirit. I love beautiful festive decor, twinkle lights, great smells and great cheer that comes with the holidays. We have decorated our home partially, but I have yet to put up our Christmas tree. It will be on my to do list for this weekend.
When growing up in Poland the holiday season was celebrated a bit differently which was mostly lead by our Roman Catholic religion. The Christmas tree itself was actually put up the day of Christmas Eve, and Christmas Eve day was the most importantantly celebrated through- "Wigilia" which would be the Christmas Eve Supper and through it we celebrated the birth of baby Jesus. I will have another post about all my root traditions, all foods, history and other details- it's quite wonderful and filled with a lot of great family and Christmas spirit.
Today on the other hand I just wanted to share some great holiday decorating that might not only inspire you but add to your wonderful holiday spirit.

 There are so many ways that you can decorate for the holidays- you can add decor to your mantle, add garland around the entry pediment, create beautiful festive centerpieces on the dining table and even decorate currently empty outdoor planters. Take a look at some of these fantastic inspirational images:

How wonderful is this - having two trees not just one and it frames the french doors so beautifully, on top of it the beautiful wreath creates a perfect focal point - everything looks stunning here! via

Ralph Lauren can go no wrong during the holidays. I remember stopping over at their Chicago Michigan Avenue store during the holiday season- it always smelled and looked magical- you should stop by!

Take a look at Tobi Fairley's home tree, Her unconventional colors and decorating ideas included lemons, oranges and other details in those tones. It perfectly ties in with her already vibrant home.

Here is beautiful stair railing decoration detail in her home. I just love how chunky and full yet natural this looks- Via Fobi Failey

Take a look at this beautiful planter beauties, This one is made by so very talented Debra from 5th and State which I had a pleasure to meet not too long ago at a design event- what a wonderful woman!

Some more magic by Debra

Beautiful golden Christmas Tree in such a cozy interior- beautiful! Via

A modern version of Christmas tree - so simple yet festive - Via

What a fun and happy interior with pops of mustard yellows and blues and the tree just adds the perfect touch with it's beautiful sparkly blue and silver ornaments- Via
 Christmas Garden
Simple crisp manted decor via BHG

Simple Seasonal Change
So fresh and not fussy yet beautiful and translates the holiday spirit via BHG

Forest Flavor
Who says you need to use traditional colors, this decor involves beautiful green garland wreath made up off blue, yellow and green ornaments and white stockings. The mustard yellow paint brings everything to life and the birch trees look so fantastic! via BHG

Mantle with garland made of geens, apples and pinecones
So natural and effortless looking yet so stunning! via BHG

I wish you all happy decorating and holiday season and would love to know about your decorating endeavors and what you cherish about the season. Have a wonderful Weekend!!