August Love

I love August for so many reasons! I love it because it's my birthday month, because it's a Summer month and I just LOVE Summer hot days. I love it because it makes me think about when I was little girl living in Poland & enjoyed the Summer days outdoors. I remember taking lots of trips to visiting museums & my family, new cities, embracing new adventures and cultures. Going to friend and family gatherings where we would eat and relax outdoors in the shade under beautiful trees by a big table that was filled with tons of delicious foods and drinks. I also loved the times out on terraces that were filled with flower boxes. I remember chasing dogs & cats, picking flowers with my sister while she made flower wreaths. I remember cuddling up with my sister in my aunt's library that had beautiful french doors walking out to a terrace while we looked through stacks of home & fashion magazines, where we would discuss each photo what we liked about it and what we wanted from each page in our future.
I also loved going to our garden and picking fresh vegetables, raspberries, black white and red currant, gooseberries, cherries and sweet peas - these were our favorites and they were sooo delicious! 
I remember these days like it was yesterday and love every memory.

I try to recreate those moments by surrounding myself with flowers, take walks with my dogs in the sunshine and eat my meals in the garden where I often read a book magazine or enjoy the company of family and friends. Take trips, visit museums to see new exhibits and take in new cultures.
It's this feeling of happiness, bliss, comfort and home, something that resonates with me from all these great memories I had as a child and want to continue recreating.
Enjoy this beautiful August everyone, I sure will :)!

I would love to hear about your childhood Summer memories, how did you spend your Summers? What resonates with you?

Here are some images that create this happy, homey feeling for me:

I file photos that speak to me once I come across them and it's usually when I am in the middle of searching for something completely different. I have to get better at notating where they come from so if you know what are the orgins for some of the photos on my blog (that are not notated) please let me know so I could give proper credit. Thank you! :)