A little or A Lot of Quadrille

Quadrille textiles are vibrant, classic, edgy, fun, bright and fit so many fabulous criterias. One thing that they are not is- boring. Their great quality and show stopping appeal have everyone wanting more of the sweet Quadrille.
It's no surprise that a jolt of a fabulous Quadrille print energizes the room and fits oh so nicely. Wheater type of space it is: traditional house or a modern loft- it would still look fantastic and fresh.
I would love to use every one of their fabulous prints. Each one has a perfect place and project to that it's meant to be showcased and enjoyed in.
Maybe I shall try to utilize this theory and make each one of my project a "Where's Quadrille" kind of a fun project game. It sure wouldn't be a bad idea and each client would be very happy at that.
Afterall,If you want big impact, bright color yet beautiful enthnick or traditional aesthetic, Quadrille will seal the deal.
Just take a look: