Concrete in Interior Environments

I recently received a question from Rachel M. Wolfe who is a fantastic writer and photographer. She takes amazing photographs of different subject matter through which she captures a story, creates beautiful pieces of art and explores the world.
This time her curiosity was about concrete. She wanted to find out different uses and applications of concrete in the interior environment.

Concrete creates an industrial and modern look. It lends itself to many different applications from commercial to residential interiors.
It is very versatile since it can be molded and set in to different shapes as well as stained and sanded.
The applications of concrete include: Floor, Tiles, Countertops, Sinks, Tubs, Interior Walls, Fireplace surrounds and even Furniture.

Since concrete is a porous material in order to prevent any not wanted staining it needs to be sealed often. It is also susceptible to cracking and chipping- therefore it’s construction and application needs to be appropriate for the intended use (and even then cracking and chipping might occur).

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