Long weekend plans & small life luxuries

Oh the long weekend is here and the weather is cooler here in Chicago. It feels like Fall is definitely on it's way. I love summer yet a brisk cooler fresh air gives me a boost of energy and inspiration.
I suddenly start thinking of wools, chenilles, fireplaces, yummy sweaters, cozy blankets, beautiful colorful landscapes and hot coco.
I sure want to make the weekend last, we have so much to catch up on from project stand point, organization at home and personal tasks. On the other hand, I always leave room for inspirational activities since they fuel my creativity and soul.

Some of the things on my weekend to do list:
~Purge clothes from the closet
~Decide on some textiles
~Go to a museum
~Go to an antique shop
~Take looong walks with the doggies
~Plan my upcoming trips
and so much more but these are the key elements I want to include

Here a few things that you might want to incorporate in your weekend.

If planning a trip, a great item to take with you is a Luxe city guide by MapEasy. Weather you are going to a different state or a different country they have it covered in so many ways.

Take some time to stretch those tense ans sore muscles and relax your mind by taking a yoga class or perhaps a massage.
HERE you can find at home Yoga workout and HERE you can locate a great massage near you.

Organization helps to keep you focused and a clean home is a luxury that anyone can afford.
Take the time to organize, maybe it means you need to purchase a couple shelving units organization boxes and rearange your office or room that suits your lifestyle.

I will be getting one this weekend :)

Enjoy some time outside with the family with a nice fireplace glow
You can find this fun piece at DWR. I'd love to scoope one up myself :)

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
Tell me how you enjoyed it.